Litter P



Pedigree of pappies:

June 26, 2017 our Grata  became a mom!!!

Welcome litter “P” :

golden retriever



Very sweet, kind, faithful. Correct and harmonious format. Very much likes to cuddle.


-Champion of Belarus –

-Champion of Breed. 

(Ch Breed, Ch BLR)

She is the daughter of Glitters Kanyewest (Multichampion, Grand Champion and Best of Best Breeds in Ukraine? CRUFTS Qualification-2018  – import – Belgium

and he has the blood of the best European producers and Multichampion, Grand Champion, Show-Champions ).

His mother is Multi Champion,  Best Female Breed in Belarus – Lindsey Aurora Borealis 

It has the blood of famous European manufacturers.

Pedigree mother:

HD: A/A, ED: 0/0;

GR_PRA1, GR_PRA2- Clear

Heart – OK (2017)



Dad:   Volente Deo Plucky Boy:







Very beautiful and harmonious descendant of his ancestors.


Volente Deo Plucky Boy (Pooh) –

Grand Champion of Russia,

Champion of Russia,

Junior Champion of Russia,

Champion of National Club of Breed,

Junior Champion of National Club of Breed,

Champion of RKF,

Junior Champion of Belarus,

Champion of Belarus .

 Hi is the son of Ashbury Highlander( Champion of Europe 2014)

 His mother is Arianna iz Doliny Solnca. She is the most titled Golden Retriever female in Russia:

Interchampion, Multichampion (Champion of 20 countries!!!)

  Pedigree father:

Hips: A/A  Elbows: 0/0
GR-PRA1 and GR-PRA 2- Clear (AHT )



About grandmothers and grandfathers:

grandfather: Ashbury Highlander Helsinki      EW-14, Ch, INT CH, JCh, Club Ch. :



Great-grandfather:  Nigel Majik Truth Or Dare   

 EW’15, Multi Ch.  NL/D/VDH/LUX/INT/SE/DK BDSG ’10, Am.Winner ’10 :


 grandmothers:  Arianna iz Doliny Solnca 

 15 CACIB,  20 BOB, 25 BOS, Interchempion,  Champion of 20 countries  :


More: Puppies have the blood of the European Champion 2015 and the very well-known pedigree producer Majik Truth or Dare, Vice World Champion 2008- Furyo Noroy Du Plessy, European Champion 1999 and 2002, World Champion 2001 Paudell Pure Passion, Junior Vice World Champion 2001 , World Champion 2010 Veteran – Royal Salute du Pays de Boheme, Vice World Champion and Best of Breed at the 2008 World Championships – Styal Silksilla, Vice World Champion 2003- Dewmist Shaquille, and other world-famous Show- Champions and tribal producers.


The parent couple was selected by us for a long time and carefully. In our priorities:

1) Children’s health! Parents have tests HD-A, ED-0 (ideal hips and elbows) and tested for Progressive retinal atrophy GR_PRA1,2 – Healthy.

2) The preservation of the TRUE BREED nature and temperament inherent in the breed is a golden retriever, friendly, intelligent, absolutely without aggression, striving to please the owner in every way and to guess his desire, an indefatigable companion and best friend for the whole family and other domestic animals.

3) Improving the exterior, preserving the soft and sweet expression of the muzzle, maintaining light, free, productive and graceful movements.


Our puppies are grown only on Professional Super Premium Foods and receive high quality vitamins. To move to new homes, the puppies will be ready at 9 weeks, after carrying out all the necessary deworming courses, the first vaccination with Nobivac vaccine and a weekly quarantine after it. Full package of documents.


With all the owners of the puppies of our kennel, we maintain constant contact, consult and help in any situation. For our puppies we select only the most loving and responsible families!