About us

         Our Kennel specializes in breeding  Golden Retrievers (FCI-BCU). We have three English type female dogs, with a light (cream) color,  sweet character and gentle temperament.  Our Golden Retrievers are Multi, Grand Champions and Champions of the breed .


       Our dogs have the champion bloodlines. Their ancestors, Champions of the World, European Champions and Winners of their classes at the most prestigious exhibition CRUFTS  made a great contribution to the pedigree development of the Golden Retriever breed.  


         Raising a dog requires a lot of work. For up to 18 months, dog requires daily obedience classes to help with development of its own temper, which it inherited from its ancestors, and which will develop during the first months of its life. Therefore: the more time effort and patience you put into the dog during the first year of its life, the better the bond will be in the future.  The dog’s personality traits and  its health is what will really accompany you during its life.

        In our kennel, we pay close attention to the character development. Our dogs  are very kind, intelligent, obedient open minded, funny, inquisitive and, eager to please. But  the most importantly – they are very smart!!! They easily learn and gladly perform commands and, various circus tricks. In the field and on the water they are great hunters!   

        Our dogs have all the necessary health tests.

       For all our litters, we selected dogs with the same type color,  breed character and temper, and all the necessary tests for health. Our goal  is to improve the Golden Retriever breed. We do not  focus on quantity, but on quality.


       Raising  puppies is a huge work and responsibility. Work that begins with planning copulation, careful and competent treatment of a female during pregnancy and skilled delivery.   The first weeks are crucial for puppy’s development. During this time,  puppies should receive all the  necessary care  they need, as if something goes wrong at this stage, it will affect their development for the rest of their life’s. As breeders, we want our “children” to live a long, healthy and happy life, and share their love  and bring joy to their future families! Therefore, during the first weeks after birth, we sleep in the same room with puppies and are present at every feeding. We inspect and monitor the puppies daily and pay maximum attention to each one of them. 

                Human contact is very important for Golden Retriever puppies. They must feel that they are part of the family. Puppies must play and be constantly with a human from the youngest age. This is the time when the bond is developing and puppies learn how to trust and love. Golden Retriever puppies should never, under any circumstances, be locked up for a long period of time, as they need  to move around and explore the world. Puppy’s character is formed during the first few weeks. It must become self-confident and capable of learning. That is why we only have few litters at a time, so that we can pay close attention to each and single of them.       

       Our dogs play a big role in our life. They get everything they need. We do not spare time, energy or money. On average, we actively walk with our dogs for about 3.5 hours a day, regardless of the season.


        They have enough personal space, but their favorite place in the house is being next to us. If we go to another room, they wake up and follow us, lie down and fall asleep, as they always want to be close. As we have already mentioned above, all litters are grown in our house and spend every night under the same roof with us.

         Puppies up to a certain age live in a transformable arena.



        When they are 4 weeks old,  we take them out for a day to a fenced area in front of a house with a grassy cover on which they can splash out their puppy energy, get some  fresh air and,  vitamin D in the sun.


         Spending a lot of time outside, helps with socialization. We socialize puppies for entering adulthood (to not be afraid of noise, claps and other irritants). From a certain time, the puppies receive Super Premium food. At the age of 8 weeks, they are ready for their new forever homes. They receive all the necessary deworming and vaccination with the vaccine Nobivac.

         Thanks to the  Golden Retrievers, we have found many friends! Life has acquired different colors and a different meaning! 

                  The owners of our puppies are like family to us. We maintain close contact with all of them!

         Welcome to the World of  Golden Retrievers!!!

         We will be very happy if one of our puppies, can become your most devoted and loving companion.

                                  Welcome  for  happiness !!!